Can I Access Telegram Without A Smartphone, Or A Phone Number?

There are two questions here:

#1: Say, for example, you have already signed up for a Telegram account. Now you want to access your account without a phone. How do you do it? [Answer]

#2: Say, for example, you haven’t signed up for a Telegram account. You don’t have any Android or iOS smartphone. How do you create an account now? [Answer]

Here’s why I am writing this: You see, I downloaded Telegram on my Android phone because of cryptocurrencies. And since then, I have joined dozens of channels and groups related to trading, ICOs, and so on.

But then, last week I had to switch to a new phone. Rather than installing Telegram again, I looked for a workaround. I wanted to use Telegram on my laptop. It is possible and incredibly simple:

How To Use Telegram Without A Smartphone

Just head over to from your web browser using your laptop or a desktop. Then enter your phone number to sign in.

You will get a code on your smartphone. Enter this code to access your Telegram account.


What if you haven’t created an account yet? Here’s the solution:

How to Create A Telegram Account Without A Phone Number

You have to create a dummy mobile number. Or use your landline phone number. You can also use Google Voice.

Google Voice is a free voicemail service from Google. You can obtain a free phone number by signing up – works only if you are in the US.


Once signed up, you get your new phone number. Copy this number, and then go to the Telegram web client to sign up (just sign in). Now you can easily connect and use your Telegram account.

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