How To Add & Send Tokens From MetaMask Wallet

Lately, I have been a part of several free airdrops. And that means I have been receiving plenty of free cryptocurrencies in my MetaMask wallet. I enter my Telegram username, ERC20 wallet address, and get my free tokens after a week or two.

For example, in the month of February this year, Nucleus Vision airdropped 800 nCash into my Ethereum wallet.

My problem:

Transferring these nCash tokens to Binance using my MetaMask wallet (in my Chrome browser). It wasn’t possible until now. And if you are looking to transfer out your tokens from the MetaMask wallet and into an exchange, then this article is for you.

How To Add Tokens To Your MetaMask Wallet

It is the first step of the process.

Because you cannot transfer the received tokens in your MetaMask wallet unless you add them. To add the token, you need the token’s contract address.

Don’t worry – it is actually simple. Here are the steps to follow:

From your Chrome, open MetaMask. Click the 3 dots (as shown below). Then click “View Account on Etherscan”


Your Chrome browser will open a new window showing your public ETH address with your balances. From there, scroll and click the “Token Transfers” tab. Then select the token you want to add. For example, I am selecting Nucleus Vision here.


Copy the contract address:


Now open your MetaMask wallet once again, and navigate to the Tokens tab. From here, add the copied contract address. The token symbol will be fetched automatically.


As you can see above, moment I added the nCash token contract, the symbol was fetched. Now I click “Add” to permanently list the token in my MetaMask wallet.

This completes the first part: to add the token.

Now the question is:

How To Transfer / Send These Tokens From MetaMask

This is now simple with the new MetaMask beta version.

Previously, you have to either connect MetaMask to MyEtherWallet or other open-source free Ethereum wallet. Now, with the beta version of MetaMask, you can directly send the tokens without any additional services.

Note: You will need a tiny portion of Ethereum in your MetaMask wallet for the token transfer. It acts as the GAS fee.

The first step is to convert your older version of MetaMask to the newer – beta – version. To do that, open MetaMask, click on your account and select “Try Beta.”

Moment you do that, you can see the change in the MetaMask Interface:


You can see it is sleek – with lots of whitespaces. But the beta also comes with this feature: the ability to send your tokens instantly.

As we have added the token, sending them is now easy. Click on the top-left horizontal lines to reveal all the tokens.


Select the token you wish to transfer (nCash in my case). Then click Send and add the recipient address. The pic below should make it clear:


This is how you can add and send your tokens from MetaMask to any wallet or cryptocurrency exchange.

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