Ailsa Bay Launches Blockchain-Based Whisky Tracking

Ailsa Bay — the premium whisky brand under William Grant & Sons’ — has launched the world’s first-ever whisky bottle tracking using blockchain technology.

Source: Scotch Whisky

Ailsa Bay partnered up with Arc-net — a blockchain technology company to solve the authenticity problem around the whisky bottle. Arc-net will be providing tracking services over blockchain while protecting the brand’s identity.

Speaking of integrating blockchain to the whiskly bottles, Brand Ambassador of Ailsa Bay James Macrae says:

“We’re doing something now that we hope will set the bar for the future experience of spirits, and we look forward to seeing how other brands follow suit as innovation within the industry continues to develop in the next few years.”

So if you are a whisky connoisseur, you can easily know if you are holding a genuine bottle of Ailsa Bay or not. Look for the QR code present on the bottle, scan it, and get the details to verify the bottle’s authenticity.

How Does It Work?

Upon scanning the QR code, you are presented with a visual history of the distillation and manufacturing process.

Arc-net is capturing the entire process using blockchain. They are tracking every step – including cask types used, filling dates, and bottling dates – allowing consumers to know the key components of the bottle and the whisky.

Arc-net calls this “Distilled ID”:

Source: Arc-net

Aside from the sheer novelty of being able to see the exact process, the partnership will greatly help reduce counterfeits in the market.

Earlier, tracking whisky bottle was a lengthy process involving several steps. Now, with the integration of blockchain, such pressing problems can be addressed almost immediately, and one can peacefully enjoy quality malts.`

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