Ankr Network Gets Listed on Major Exchanges Like BitMax, Bittrex, And Bilaxy

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Making remarkable progress in development, Ankr Network is now finally listed on major exchanges today. The ANKR token, with a total supply of 10 billion, will be used to facilitate the fees incurred for using the blockchain. Plus, as a consumer, you can earn ANKR by providing computing power to the network.

And now, the same token, is available on BitMax, Bittrex, and Bilaxy. 

Complete Press Release

Ankr Network, a disruptive cloud computing platform, has announced a primary listing partnership with, Bilaxy, and Bittrex.

Through this initiative, Ankr Network aims to increase adoption, its network users and the nodes will be benefited by major exchanges from a liquidity perspective.

What is Ankr Network?

Cloud computing has become the backbone of the modern web. Nearly every small or large website and application relies on cloud computing services to host their service, store their data, and direct their user traffic.

Cloud computing umbrellas a large menu of services. However, a few key provisions make up the largest portion of cloud computing demand: data storage, computational power, and content delivery. Presently, enormous centralized cloud operators like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft control the vast portion of the cloud market.

Consequently, a few companies keep the internet online. Not only does this make our data, which is primarily stored in a few centralized silos, extremely vulnerable to breaches, but the web itself becomes vulnerable as large portions of it can be brought offline by a system failure at just one company.

Such events are not theoretical as system failures at cloud operators have occurred in the past.

In 2017, Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is Amazon's cloud computing division, went offline and, with it, more than 150,000 websites and applications, including major platforms like Reddit and FourSquare, became inaccessible. The consequences of this event highlight the problems associated with a centralized backbone for the entire web.

Ankr Network aims to deliver a feasible solution that can effectively decentralize the cloud resources while also lowering the cost of acquiring those resources. Ankr Network is creating a platform with which people and data centers across the world can allocate their excess resources to resource consumers. In return, resource providers are rewarded with tokens.

Ankr Network decentralizes cloud computing by allowing all excess computational resources to be available for purchase by those who need them. Thus, the entire world can become the backbone of the web while getting rewarded for it.

Trading Links

  1. BitMax (USDT/ANKR):

  2. Bittrex (BTC/ANKR):

  3. Bilaxy: (ETH/ANKR):

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