Is A Scam? Document Says So!

Designed to create different blockchain protocols and platforms, ArcBlock is gaining traction. We first spotted it in the Bitcointalk forum and have been researching since then.

The website — — looks solid with a likable video, roadmap, and a decent whitepaper. However, we have found a document explaining why ArcBlock could be a scam.

It matters as ArcBlock public sale will commence starting February 3rd. With a lot of investors eager to participate, this info could be useful.

Here’s the document:

Inside this document, you will see how the claimed media coverages does not exist. Then how ArcBlock’s partnership with IBM and SAP is perhaps fake. Plus you will see ArcBlock’s connection with Krypital Group. 


It’s a tiny yet interesting document compiled by someone (we found it through 4chan).

What’s the conclusion? We can’t say for sure. While the document points out the obvious research, ArcBlock has a team of devs. They are working round the clock from what we have researched. Just carefully watch this project and see where it goes.

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