With Bankera Loans, You Can Get Upto 50% Loan On Crypto Assets

Known for building a digital bank on blockchain, Bankera has now introduced its Bankera Loans platform. This is a new lending platform aimed at cryptocurrency holders who don’t want to liquidate their assets.

Meaning, for example, you can give your Bitcoins to Bankera Loans and receive USDT in return. Then you can use these USDTs for anything: to invest in tokens, trade, or just hold them.

After the loan has served its purpose, you can repay the USDT to Bankera Loans to get back your Bitcoins.

Note: There is a fixed interest rate for such crypto-financing. And you will be charged based on your loan terms.

How To Request A Loan

While the process is simple, we would like to share some details.

Eligibility: You need to have collateral amount as BTC, ETH, XEM, or DASH. Once you have these tokens, you can apply for the loan.

There are 3 steps involved:

Step 1: Visit the Bankera Loans website: click here
Step 2: Enter the amount you would like to receive (BTC, USDT, EUR, BNK, DASH, XEM, ETH)
Step 3: Look at the loan amount, APR, and then request the loan.


At this point, you will be asked to signup or login. Then you can deposit the collateral amount and receive your loan in under 24 hours.

Additional details:

  • You can only request a loan of upto 50% (called Loan-to-Value ratio). Meaning, if your BTC is valued at $2000, you can get a maximum loan of $1000.
  • The 50% LTV is only for BTC and ETH. If you deposit XEM and DASH token, you will receive 25% of the loan.
  • You can select the loan terms from one month to one year. Higher the loan term, lesser the interest rate.
  • Minimum loan request is 100 EUR and maximum loan request is 1 million EUR.
  • The annual interest rate when paid through BNK token is less. Check out this chart:


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