Binance Futures Officially Launched With 50% To 75% Trading Fee Discount

Revealing the Binance Futures testnet platform almost two weeks ago, Binance has now officially launched its futures trading platform to its users. In beta version, selected users can begin trading with a discounted trading fee.

Trading discounts are 50% to 75% for Binance users. Users can access the platform here:


How Registered Users Can Take Part In Binance Futures

To give you the context, Binance organized The Battle for Binance Futures competition where users could potentially earn 10,000 BNB to test drive two different Futures platform. Users, then, had to vote for one of these platform.

Users voting Futures A (first product) are going to receive:

  • Referral code, which can be used immediately to access and use the Futures platform.
  • 75% discount on trading fees.

Users voting Futures B (second product) or not participating in any trading activities can still earn an invite by:

  • Participating in any future Binance contest (so you can snag a referral code)
  • Contact the Binance support team (link)

Of course, contacting the Binance support team is easier and perhaps the best way to gain access to the platform. However, only 200 users will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. They will receive 50% discount on trading fees.

Apart from the announcement, a clear documentation is also open to the public. Here you can find more information about the contract, its specification, differences in spot and contract trading, and API documentation.


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