Binance Login Page Refreshes? You Are Not Alone!

As one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has its fair share of problems. And one of the most annoying problem is related to the login page.

In fact, there are a couple of important login issues worth highlighting:

  1. Moment you click the “Login” button after entering your Binance username and password, the page refreshes.
  2. Moment you select a cryptocurrency to trade, the page refreshes.

In both the cases, you are taken back to the login page. You re-enter your details and the page perhaps refreshes again. This has left a lot of Binance users frustrated on Twitter:


There are also a few threads on Reddit:


So what is causing this problem? We can’t tell you for sure. Perhaps Binance was down when you tried to login. Or their server was loaded with several login requests.

Whatever the case is, try logging in using a different browser. If you are using Chrome to log into your Binance account, try Firefox or Safari. And if your login credential refreshes in your Android app, uninstall and reinstall the app.

Update Feb 9th, 2018: Binance website on Chrome / Firefox repeatedly refreshes as they are going through a data recovery process. Even after entering your password and username, you will not be able to log in as the page keeps reloading. This problem will be resolved in the next 12 hours.


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  • I am able to access my account now but I can’t see my total balances. Any help?

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