Recently, Bytecoin was listed on Binance. And the coin saw a drastic change:


Such price changes are not unusual. In fact, every time a coin is about to be listed on Binance, several traders buy the same coin from another exchange — and then transfer it to Binance for quick profit.

Then there are other traders buying low and selling high right through Binance. You can see the trend if you have looked at the graph of any recently listed coin:


Monitor New Coin Listing For Pure Profits

When you know the soon-to-be-listed coin on Binance before everybody else, you have an upper hand. You can buy it first. And then sell at your convenience.

I have found two simple methods to help you get notified of the new coins:

Method 1: Binance has a section called “New Listing” displaying the list of coins that were recently added to the exchange. The problem? You can’t refresh the page every second to know the exact coin.

That is where tools like Visual Ping or Change Detection are useful. They notify you of any new changes. I prefer Visual Ping as it allows you to monitor a specific portion of the page.


First, I enter the New Listing’s URL. Then I select the content and request the tool to send me an email every 5 min. If the content changes (or new content is added), I will be notified. It is a great way to keep yourself updated.

Method 2: Follow Binance on Twitter. Handle is @Binance. Every time a new coin is listed, Binance Twitter updates you. Here’s a tip: Use the Twitter app on Android or iOS. And then turn on the mobile notifications for the Binance account.


When you do this, you will be notified of every tweet Binance publishes. You don’t have to worry about spam as they send out tweets that are important.

So that’s about it.

These two methods will help you discover new coins on Binance. When you follow any one of the method for a particular amount of time, you will be quick to take action — and take your profits.

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