Can’t See Total Balance In Your Binance App? Here’s Why!

Jacob, in one of our earlier post, said he could not find the total balance in his Binance account. On Twitter, you will find several tweets related to the missing balance:


With over 5 million users on Binance, this issue needs to be highlighted. In fact, it can either be an issue, or a feature that perhaps hasn’t been explored yet.

Binance App Hides Your Balance

In the latest version of the Binance app, you can’t see your cryptocurrencies (and USD balance) unless you say so. It is a new feature added in the version

For example, this picture below shows my Binance app on my Android smartphone. You can see an eye symbol next to the Estimated Value (BTC). Clicking on it is going to reveal the coins you are holding along with your total account balance.


While this move acts as a security later — perhaps to protect you from accidently revealing your balance — it has also left many users frustrated.

But that could just be one of the reason. The other reason why Binance doesn’t reveal your balance could be very well related to the system upgrade.

Frequent System Upgrade & Maintenance

For a number of reasons, Binance has to regularly check its server and upgrade it to the next level. Perhaps because thousands of users are trying to login, or excess registrations, or trading activities.

Whatever the case is, relogin to Binance after a couple of hours and check your balance.

Note: You will also find @Binance_2017 on Twitter announcing these system upgrades:


Note 2: Binance’s founder points out the data on Binance needs to be fully resynced, and hence it may take a while for Binance to show your accurate balance!


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