Bitcoin Europe (BTEP) Fake Airdrop?

We have been seeing a couple of Twitter accounts and tweets talking about Bitcoin Europe. Apparently, it is a low-cost cryptocurrency with fast and secure transactions backed by the Ethereum network.

That’s what they say.

In reality? We feel it is a scam. It is obvious yet let us share in detail:

Reason 1: Bitcoin Europe Website Doesn’t Work

There’s no roadmap. No whitepaper. No team. No website. And no hype around it. Even the website – – is down. In fact, if you google it, this is what you get:


Reason 2: Bitcoin Europe Airdrop Requires Your Ethereum

Big red flag here. That’s because in order to get Bitcoin Europe airdropped into your account, you have to pay 0.003 Ethereum.

Airdrops are free. Yet they are asking our Ethereum for… BTEP? It is something we don’t even know about.



Going through their Ethereum address, I see a total of 15 transactions. Few have fallen for it.

Reason 3: Massive Spamming on Twitter

Going with the handle @Bitcoin_Europe, you can see all the recent tweets points to the Google Docs, in which you have to fill a form and submit your ETH address to get your share of Bitcoin Europe tokens.


Anyone in crypto long enough is going to spot such scams easily. And we want to highlight it with this post. Avoid it at all cost because Bitcoin Europe is, indeed, a scam.

Know any other scams worth pointing out? Feel free to contact us!

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