How BitcoinMix Makes Your Transactions Effective & Anonymous

With momentum comes innovation. And we are witnessing several simple innovations in the blockchain industry. One such innovative product is BitcoinMix. It does something simple yet incredibly important.

BitcoinMix mixes your Bitcoins. It also mixes your Ethereums. And then sends them to any desired address.

What Does It Mean?

Let’s step back and look at the problem.

Even though crypto addresses are not associated with your name, it is easier to monitor the “real you” through the explorer. If you send a bitcoin to someone, then you know your address can be monitored.

Take the example of BitcoinAbuse which monitors fraudulent addresses. Anything you receive or send is closely tracked.

This can be good and bad.

Bad because what if you want to donate cryptocurrencies to a charity and still be anonymous? Or make a P2P payment without revealing your original address?

The manual solution is to send your your cryptos from one wallet to the another. You have to create new addresses and then send your tokens to these addresses. Do it at least 100 times, and tracking the source can be difficult.

The better way, however, is to use BitcoinMix.

Mixing Bitcoin And Ethereum Gets Easier

With an unique algorithm, BitcoinMix will shuffle the tokens across various addresses to create anonymous transaction. Right now, the website supports both Bitcoin and Ethereum mixing.

Here’s how it works: You don’t have to register. Just go to the website, and then add the receiver’s address. Select time delay (more delay equals better mixing).


In the next step, you will be asked to confirm your mixing by depositing the token to a new address. Please do note that 2% to 5% fees will be added.

That’s all you have to do. Then BitcoinMix will automatically transfer the tokens from one another to the another and finally to the sender’s address. This way, not only is the source hidden but the transaction is also completed with minimal effort.

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