Bitconnect Reddit Sub Goes Private

My go-to source for getting Bitconnect updates has been through Reddit and Twitter. And now, as I write this post, the Bitconnect Reddit sub is no longer available.

In fact, the moderators have converted the /r/bitconnect sub to invite-only mode. It was public before. Here’s the screenshot:

If you have bookmarked a thread, and you are logged in, you will still be denied access with a message like this: “Sorry, you don’t have access to this.”

Even if you message the Reddit moderators, you are less likely to get access to the community posts. Why? We don’t know. But it is perhaps easy to guess when you look into the cached page.

In fact, there was major activities in the Bitconnect sub. Many have created depressing threads, as you can see below:

News of Bitconnect shutting down its services has left many devastated. I did found a recent post, in which a Redditor posted:

“Please help, I have invested over $500,000 into Bitconnect and currencies on the exchange with the help of a business loan. I planned to withdraw within a month or two. Now I can’t access the funds to sell and the market crashed, I cannot pay for the business, my family needs the funds, I need help. Please for the sake of all that is good in the name of assistance, I need financial advice. This is my worst day…”

Too bad, isn’t it? As Bitconnect price crashed by almost 95% within 24 hours, we are seeing so many unfortunate stories. On Reddit. On Twitter. And dozens of other forums.

And all we can do is share these stories.

Play safe!

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