New Coin Added To Bitfinex? Here’s How To Know!

VeChain, MakerDAO, Kyber Network, And POA Network.

Bitfinex added all these coins today to its trading platform. And every time a new coin is added, the community goes nuts. You can see it on Telegram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Because listing a new coin is a healthy sign. It installs confidence among investors. And oppurtunity among traders.

But the question is:

How do you know when a coin is added to Bitfinex? 

Dozens of ways. You can find through blogs / websites. Or through social media. But if you are not following them, then consider checking the official channels of Bitfinex.

In the past, Bitfinex used to update its Medium blog and its official blog every time a new token / coin was added. But with time, the updates are rare on those channels.

This leaves us with three other options:

Option #1: Follow the Bitfinex Twitter Channel

Rather than just following, you can also request Twitter to notify you on your smartphone. This way you will be the first to know.

The process to activate notification is simple: check the @bitfinex profile on Twitter, then click the three dots (on the top-right), and select “Turn on mobile notifications.”

Note: You must have the Twitter app installed – for Android / for iOS


Option #2: Follow The Telegram Channel

If you are using Telegram or Telegram X, consider joining the Bitfinex group by clicking here. There are over 2500 members there, with a lot of conversation.

Remember: This isn’t for you if you hate notifications. Though you can selectively turn it off.

Option #3: Use IFTTT

This is a complex but useful option. You see, not everyone has Twitter app, or follows Telegram. So you ca use IFTTT to send you an alert. For example: You can get new Bitfinex tweets send to your email or your phone (SMS) for free.

To activate this option, go to this link and add “bitfinex” in the text field. Then hit the “Create Trigger” button.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 6.53.40 PM

Next, select a service from the number of services available. You can either request the tweets to be sent to your via email, Facebook, evernote, and so on.


So these were the three ways to receive notifications of every new coin that is listed on Bitfinex. It is useful for traders and investors eagerly waiting to make profits.

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