Bitmain’s Latest Antminers (S17e and T17e) Set New Records of Mining Power and Efficiency

The power and efficiency of Bitmain miners are continuing to increase with time. Every year, the Beijing-based company is packing its newer models with more power. This year is no different.

Bitmain has now launched two new S17 ASIC miners, and we’re impressed by the mining power they offer while maintaining efficiency at the same time.

The two miners launched by them are named S17e and T17e, respectively. While S17e is their most powerful miner launched till date with a hash rate of 64 terahertz per second and efficiency of 45 joules per TH, T17e is an affordable option with mining power of 53 TH/s and efficiency of 55J/TH. Clearly, the company has set some new benchmarks for itself as well as its competitors with this kind of numbers.

If compared with their predecessors, both S17e and T17e offer significant advantages.

Antminer S17, which is the predecessor of S17e and most powerful miner available in the market right now, comes with a hash rate of 53 TH/s and efficiency of 45 J/TH. You can see that the efficiency is same, but Bitmain still managed to increase the mining power.

Even the budget-friendly T17e manages to provide as much mining power as S17, though with slightly lower efficiency. But the budget-friendly price of this miner pretty much compensates for the lower efficiency.

Bitmain says that both miners are also loaded with new software that is more secure than the software of previous versions to prevent malicious attacks. These miners will be sold in 3 batches between September 9 and September 11, and the deliveries will begin from 1st of November. We created a graphic to show the release dates of these miners:

Antminer Release Dates.png

Source: Bitmain Blog

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