Ignis Token Update: Bittrex Remains Quiet!

Update 30th Jan, 2018: Ignis is now available on the Bittrex exchange. Read this post to learn more.

As an investor, I have been following the $Ignis hashtag on Twitter for a long time now. You see, NXT snapshot occured on December 28th at the block height 1636363.

It means:

For every NXT you hold, you get 0.5 Ignis airdropped for free (source). It was, of course, a very lucrative offer as Ignis was double – triple – the price of NXT.

Yet Bittrex delayed it. These free $ignis are yet to be credited.

In fact, it has been over 25 days now and Bittrex hasn’t posted any update, leaving several hundreds and thousands of users frustrated.

A week before the airdrop, we saw Bittrex posting this article while thanking the Ignis team “for working closely” with them. Since then there has been no update.

Even @IGNISguide requested Bittrex to share an update, and the request seems to fall on deaf ears at the moment.

What next? Well, we simply wait. Around 500 million Ignis were distributed freely and Bittrex has to credit them sooner or later.

Though such a long wait is ruining the exchange’s reputation.


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