BiUP Exchange Launches BMAX To Bring Market Depth & Token Liquidity

As a global cryptocurrency exchange, BiUP has launched BMAX to create a better trading experience. Through the BMAX zone, traders can quickly buy and sell tokens in the market without largely affecting its price.

This kind of market depth is possible because the exchange aggregates the depth of all the top exchanges (from the order books).


At present, BMAX zone has 10 tokens and the company plans to add 100 tokens in the next 6 months. The following tokens are supported: VCC, VSYS, TEL, PVT, and SERO.

With over 1.5 million users, BiUP believes the addition of this zone will lead to a better token liquidity and an optimal trading experience. Users don’t have to register on multiple exchanges, have a couple of tabs opened to check the price, or go through the process of multiple trading fees.

Liu Yong, the founder of BiUP, points out several key points around BMAX. He states: “As the actual amount of the user’s pending order can be small, it will be difficult to gauge the performance right now.”

Even though BMAX depth zone is still in its early stage, we will notice a significant impact when several mainstream tokens will be integrated.

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