BonusCloud Aims For A Blockchain-Based Decentralized Cloud Platform [Interview]

Among the several quality blockchain projects we have discovered, is one of them. They are here to dentralize cloud computing and give back the power to us — the users.

You will be fascinated to know that you can earn rewards here.

In fact, in this interview, we got in touch with the BonusCloud team and asked them several questions around the project, current challenges, the BxC token, and the future growth. Read the entire interview to know more:

1. Can you explain BonusCloud in a simple language? 

Nowadays, big cloud computing platforms from the tech tycoons are built and operated in a centralized way, with all the data of the clients collected in their platform center, which creates problems such as lack of industry standards, black box operating environment and excessively high cost.

BonusCloud aims to create the next generation of infrastructure driven by blockchain. We endeavor to develop a decentralized, trustworthy global cloud computing platform.

BonusCloud connects and utilizes all resources with computing capability and converts them into valuable digital assets, so as to enable DApps to empower Blockchain application entrepreneurs.

2. What is so exciting about BonusCloud that everyone should know about? 

BonusCloud is planning to connects the resources from all over the world, specially the resources among the normal people, to form a decentralized platform.

In this platform, all the contributors will get rewards and revenues according to their roles and contributions.

Backed by the rich and deep background and experiences over decades in commercial cloud computing services, BonusCloud holds a goal of being a decentralized resources platform with real commercial values, instead of just a experimental network or blockchain toy.

To most of the readers, with IT background or not, there are two main points (or advantages) with BonusCloud:

A. High feasibility of different application scenarios:

For the moment, there are plenty of distributed computing or AI projects combined with blockchain technology, but most of them are still in the phased of concept, lacking real and viable application scenarios well planned.

BonusCloud, focusing specially in edge computing development and exploration, has already planned and scheduled the feasible applications scenarios, including performance monitoring and stress testing, P2P computing and cloud storage, Data aggregation analysis for IoT, Block chain infrastructure and the Solutions, construction and maintainance for the edge computing network.

b. Really users friendly:

It is relatively easy for most of us to join in BonusCloud platform, since with we have supported devices easy to get such as Raspberry Pi, NanoPi and Openwrt routers.

Users can follow the tutorial to install BonusCloud images to connect into BonusChain, and then get rewards (BxC) according to their contribution. It is not so tricky like other projects to join in even if you do not know much about the underlying technology.

3. Where is the BonusCloud’s token (BxC) used for? What are its advantages?

BonusCloud’s token is called BxC and it is like the “currency” circulating in BonusCloud platform used as rewards to the users who contribute their network resources to the platform, also users can purchases resources by BxC.


4. What is the ONE biggest challenge BonusCloud is is facing and solving right now? 

The biggest challenge for BonusCloud for now is to build our own public chain to combine the function of cloud computing and the blockchain technology with full consideration of the security. That is our challenge, but also the goal and what we are making efforts to figure out.

5. What led to the foundation of BonusCloud? 

Because of many defects and weakness around the centralized cloud computing platform such as lack of industry standards, black box operating environment and excessively high cost, as we mentioned above, BonusCloud aims to break down the barriers and create a decentralized platform to build a really open and shared ecosystem where all the resources could be collected and full used in lower costs, with every participants able to obtain benefit they deserve.

6. What barriers of entry have you identified during the process of launching Bonus Cloud?

Due to our full consideration of every possible obstacle prior to the kick-off of the project, we have not met big barriers for the moment. But it is worth mentioning that since the open test from Oct. 18, 2018, the nodes increase rapidly and so far there are more than 20 thousand nodes distributed all over the world.

7. Can you please tell us about your background and your team?

Psymon Lee, CEO and founder of BonusCloud, is a cloud computing expert working in several IT Tycoons with over a decade of experience. Prior to BonusCloud, he was the former General Manager of Meituan Open Services (MOS), Director of Alibaba Network Department, Chairman of System Technology Committee in Baidu.

The team of core members with proven track record and complementary mix, are mainly from world leading internet and IT companies, such as Alibaba, Cisco, Baidu, Meituan, Sangfor etc, covering full range of R&D, operation and maintenance, marketing and sales.

With regards to financing, BonusCloud has smoothly attracted cornerstone investors, which are world leading top 2 digital currency exchange and China’s top blockchain investor.

8. How do you guys perceive blockchain technology? Where do you think it is it heading in the next five years?

Lack of the real commercial values of the application scenarios is right now hindering the further development of blockchain. But we can be optimistic towards it because in the next few years there are more and more feasible applications released.

What the participants of the blockchain need to do is to realize that Utopia constructed by the laboratory is no longer making sense, and we should explore, develop and realize the real values of ourselves.

9. Great. Would love to know about partnerships? Anything existing already, or anything new lined up?

Our focus now is to build and consolidate the platform with nodes well distributed all over the world, and meanwhile, of course we have several potential partners, such as a Japanese game company, an European digital commercial brand and some famous internet companies of China.


10. In the next six months, how are you going to attract people to BonusCloud? 

We are now still in the phase of the optimization for the node network, and make the underlying architecture stronger. We will complete the development of the testing chain for the launch of the main chain in half year, which will permit to offer multiple and diversified mature and well designed decentralized cloud computing services to the business partners.

At that time, the platform will also attract more users to join be nodes, meanwhile, more business partners will cooperate with us, jointly forming a balanced and well operated ecosystem.

11. What’s the next big update from your roadmap / team?

For now, we have got the very exciting outcome far beyond what we planned and our expectation. After the open test for BonusChain from this October, 20 thousand nodes (each node represents one connected device) have already joined in and we have already built a stable BonusChain platform.

We have already got fully planned our steps in the next six months including development of BonusComputing, and optimization of BonusNet and BonusChain and also overseas expansion.

As to the overseas expansion, we are welcoming more people all over the world to join in with their devices such as Openwrt Router, Raspberry Pi and NanoPi, jointly building a more decentralized, global and stable platform.

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