Now Book Hotels In Expedia Using Cryptocurrency

As a cryptocurrency designed for faster transaction, TrezarCoin is now allowing users to book hotels available on Expedia. You can book any of the VIP hotels (link here) through TrezarCoin with a slight twist.

What is it? Well, in a recent tweet, Trezar linked to a PDF explaining a couple of key points. First, this is not a partnership with Expedia. It is important to understand this as you cannot visit to make a hotel reservation through TrezarCoin.

You have to, indirectly, use Slack to book a hotel.

Trezar Has Developed A Slackbot

Named TrezarTravels, this new Slackbot makes it easier for you to book a hotel available in Expedia. First, you have to join this Slack channel. Then you leave this command:

/setbookinginfo firstName;lastName;phone;email

For example:

Then you will get this message confirming your details:


Next, you go to Expedia, create your account, and find the hotel of your choice. You copy the check out link and paste in the Slack channel like this:

/book [URL]


Now you will see the number of TrazerCoins required to complete your booking. For example, I booked a cheap 4-star hotel in Indonesia through Slack. Cost was $54, which translates to 768 TZC.

You then transfer TZC to the address to complete your booking.

If you are doing it for the first time, it may seem like a tedious process. Yet this is a welcome change for those who wish to reserve a hotel without converting their cryptocurrencies into fiat.

For further details, do check out this PDF.

Currently trading at 7 cents, TrezarCoin was first announced in the month of September 2017. The coin has been under the radar for sometime now.

Note: There will be no refund on cancellation. Plus, check-in has to be at least 3 days from the actual booking date.

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