Brave Browser Tops The Play Store In Japan, Portugal, And Denmark

Allowing users to take control of their data, Brave Browser is now one of the most popular app available in the Google Play Store. The browser has achieved significant growth in Japan, Portugal, and Denmark.

It started with a Reddit post, which showed Brave’s dominance in the “communication” category in Japan. Brave took over its rival Firefox and Chrome. Then we dug deeper and discovered this:

Brave is not just popular in Japan but also in Portugal and Denmark.

Check this out:

Brave Browser in Google Play Store (Japan): Ranked #9


Brave Browser in Google Play Store (Portugal): Ranked #7


Brave Browser in Google Play Store (Denmark): Ranked #17


While the ranking flunctuates, and other apps take over, we are delighted to witness a decentralized browser going mainstream. In fact, as you can see from the above rankings, Brave is the number one browser in Portugal.

The company has been adding new users using various marketing channels: from airdropping its token (BAT) to bringing influencers and publishers together to try out the browser.

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