How To Buy Your First Ethercraft Item

If you have read my earlier Ethercraft post, then you know I have recovered my initial investment within the first 12 hours. Now I am earning a decent chunk of free Ethereum.

What I failed to explain was how to buy these items. I guess it was deliberate as I wanted to write a separate tutorial for newbies.

So in this post, you will learn how to transfer your Ethereum to your “new” wallet in your browser. And then use your browser to buy your first item(s) from Ethercraft.

Note: It’s a fairly easy process. Yet I will explain in detail. If you have used MetaMask before, head over to the third step. Otherwise read everything.

Step #1: Know What MetaMask Is

You can’t buy items from just like that. Moment you visit the website, you will most probably see a 404 error page or get this message:

“Account not detected. Please install MetaMask and try again.”


To fix this problem, you need to get MetaMask. Don’t worry – we won’t go technical here. You can visit MetaMask to learn more.

But to put it simple: Metamask is a free extention that converts your normal browser into an Ethereum-supported browser. And that means you will be able to run all the Ethereum-based apps and perform transactions from your current browser.

Right now, MetaMask is available as an extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Brave browser.


Once you have installed MetaMask (like any normal extension), it is time to set it up. You have to click on the MetaMask icon (fox) visible at the top-right corner of your browser.

Then add a password and store the private key somewhere safe – either online or offline.

Step #2: Transfer Ethereum To MetaMask

Now how do you transfer Ethereum to your MetaMask? Assuming you have stored your Ethereum on Bittrex, Binance, or Kucoin… this step is easy.

First, copy the MetaMask ETH address. You can do this by clicking the the MetaMask fox icon (top-right side in your browser). This opens a box as shown below. Then click on the three dots next to the Account and click “copy address to the clipboard.”


After the MetaMask ETH address is copied, go back to your exchange and transfer Ethereum to this new address. Now wait for the Ethereum to appear in your MetaMask wallet (may take 1 to 10 min).

Step #3: Reload

From your browser, go back to and refresh the page. You can see a wide range of items with its price and the menu tabs – out of which, right now, Auction and Crafting menu are coming soon.

Clicking on the Shop menu takes you to the homepage, while the Inventory menu shows you the number of items you have purchased — which, at this point, is none.


Step #4: Buy Your Favorite Item

Depending on your budget, and your need, you can buy any item you want through the Shop menu. I have personally purchased lots of Crates and Merchant’s Ehanted items as the returns were higher at that time.

Plus, I believe they will be useful when the game is launched.

You can click on each item to get more details. For example, shown below is a Merchant’s Enchanted Amulet. It costs 0.25 ETH, and I will earn 0.001 ETH on every subsequent purchase.


I click on BUY and it connects to my MetaMask wallet, from which my Eth is withdrawn..

Note: There’s no limit to the number of items you can purchase. You can also purchase the same item n number of times.

Step #5: Withdraw Ethereum Back To MetaMask

Say, for example, you have purchased a couple of items yesterday. Today, you go to the Inventory section. It will show you all the items. Here’s mine:


Now I click on the items that has a red box (sometimes red $). It means these items have generated Ethereum and I can withdraw them.


From the above picture, you can see the “Uncommon Loot Crate” has generated 0.0055 ETH. I click on this blue Withdraw button and MetaMask pop up appears. I click Submit to get this Ethereum back into my MetaMask wallet.


That’s it.

First, you saw what MetaMask is, and then installed it on your browser. Next you saw how to transfer Ethereum from an exchange to your new Metamask wallet.

You then saw how to buy your favourite Ethercraft item through the wallet. Later, you saw how easy it is to withdraw and enjoy your free Ethereum.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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