Cash.Me Makes It Easier To Buy / Sell Bitcoins For Cash [US Only]

Started with a simple idea to make money transfer easier between friends, has now entered the digital currency space. It is starting this journey with Bitcoin. now supports buying and selling of Bitcoin in the US. The best part? You can quickly add and convert your cash to get Bitcoins immediately. You can also re-sell at a higher price (if you want) and immediately cash out to your bank account.

cash-me-bitcoin-app-screenshots mobile app with Bitcoin trading. Credits: Techcrunch

Cash.Me Is A Toned-down Version Of Coinbase allows you to use credit card / debit card / Apple Pay to buy bitcoins. It is a toned-down version of Coinbase (exchange operating at a larger scale offering multiple crypcurrencies).

That said, it is important to know that Square — a mobile payment company processing tens of billions of dollars every year — operates Perhaps we can expect a lot more in the future.

Note: There is no trading fee on Bitcoin with There is, however, a small fee if you cash out to your bank account. Restrictions

  • You have to download the app (for iOS / Android)
  • Bitcoin trading is available only in the US (except those in New York, Georgia, Hawaii, or Wyoming)
  • You can buy only up to $10000 worth of Bitcoin every week.

Security Concerns takes security seriously. There is a 128-bit encryption and fingerprint scanning (or a passcode). Plus, it does a range of things to make sure your account is safe:


Another benefit of using Cash.Me is the ability to create a custom tag (called Cashtag) to send or receive Bitcoins. The URL will look like:$cashtag. Anyone can then send you Bitcoins without having to scan the QR code, or pasting that long addresses.

How fares in this competitive crypto market remains to be seen. For now, with no trading fee, backed with a solid team, we think is going to be incredibly popular in no time.

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