Cocos-BCX Partners With White Matrix To Develop The Gaming Ecosystem

As a platform created for game developers to build decentralized games, Cocos-BCX (Cocos BlockChain Expedition) recently entered a strategic partnership with Pure White Matrix. The company believes this partnership will fasten the development and growth of the gaming ecosystem.

In the past, Pure White Matrix — a Nanjing-based company specializing in game development and design — has developed ChainIDE (which is the world’s first IDE to access the Libra Move language). And this ChainIDE will be used to access the Cocos-BCX TestNet.

In simple words: We will witness rapid growth in the gaming industry as developers can conveniently develop smart contracts. Plus, in the future, Facebook’s 2.6 billion users can have access to the Cocos-BCX ecosystem.


Cocos-BCX has already been testing blockchain games, development suitable gaming environment, and using Cocos chain for creating high-performance gaming applications. On the other hand, White Matrix has developed and launched 3 quality games. With this partnership, and many more to come, we believe a new wave in the digital game economy is here.

Source: Medium

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