Every Achain holder received free ABitcoin in the month of January this year. If you held one Achain, you would receive one free ABitcoin. This ABitcoin was later rebranded to ABitchain.

But here was the problem:

ABitchain was tradable on only a couple of exchanges. In fact, converting ABTC through Our Dax exchange was your only option – until the exchange decided to suspend its services.

Plus, even though you could store (and receive) ABitchain on Kucoin, trading was unavailable. ABitchain, on Kucoin, was simply a number.

What Next

I was looking for ways to convert ABitchain.

This is where I found a couple of methods. The first one, though simple, is to transfer ABitchain from wallet (or Kucoin) to a supporting exchange.

For example, Coinegg supports ABTC/BTC pair. You can create an account, transfer your ABTC to Coinegg, and then convert it into Bitcoin.

The other solution, however, is far more simple. And it comes directly from the ABitchain team. They have announced a new tool called Atrans.

First published on Twitter, Atrans allows you to convert:

  • Ethereum to Achain
  • Achain to USC
  • ABitchain to Achain

In this case, I will be converting ABitchain to Achain. Steps are as follows:

Step 1: Select ABTC -> ACT from the Atrans homepage.
Step 2: Enter the number of ABTC you want to convert. Then add the ACT address. (You can get the ACT address from the Kucoin exchange — or the wallet.)

Step 3: Now transfer ABTC to the address. It should take maximum 30 min to confirm. After which, you will receive ACT to your address (address you have entered in Step 1).

That’s it. This is perhaps the most easiest and quickest way to convert yout ABitcoin. Also we believe it is safe to use – as it comes from the official account.

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