Over the last couple of months, I have seen people complaining about the dust (small balances) accumulated in their Binance account. In fact, I am no different.

The first time I saw a tiny portion of my Bitcoin remaining in my Binance account, I was surprised. Then I researche. And later I complained.

I sold it all — yet 417 satoshis were remaining.


Why did Binance do that? Turns out, that’s how they roll.


These satoshis were unsold. And the only way (until now) to get rid of it was a bit complicated: I had to buy BNB tokens, then use BNB to pay fee to avoid these dusts.

But it was work.

So instead of cleaning them, I allowed these dusts to accumulate to the point that I had over a two dozens of these dust-y coins.

Luckily, now it is easier to sell them with the new “Convert to BNB” option.

How To Convert Binance Dust Into BNB Tokens

All the unsold — partial, small balance coins — can now be converted to BNB tokens with a single click.

That’s right.

All it takes is one click and you can get BNB tokens, which you can store, transfer, or convert to USD. The choice is yours.

The steps to follow are fairly simple. But I will explain it anyway, so you can see how it is done:

Step 1: Log into your Binance account and click on your display pic, then Estimated Value. Click on “Convert to BNB”.


Step 2: Now you can see all your cryptocurrencies with small balances (dust). You can check or uncheck the coins you want to convert.


Step 3: After checking the coins, scroll to the bottom to see this message: “You have selected X coins, which can be converted to Y BNB.” Click the Exchange button.


Step 4: A pop-up appears as shown below. Click Confirm. As you can see, I was able to convert 25 dust-y coins into 0.56 BNB.


Step 5: You will receive this message in the next page: “The small balances exchanged successfully.” That’s it.


And we are done. All your BNBs will be available in your deposit and withdrawal page.

It is a simple yet a much-needed addition to Binance.

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