When I joined Telegram and Telegram X, I quickly subscribed to dozens of channels and groups. The reason was simple: I wanted to stay up-to-date with the latest cryptocurrency news and see what was happening with the ICOs I have invested in.

It took me a couple of weeks to realize I was part of over fifty channels. I had tens and thousands of unread messages. And I couldn’t keep up with it.

But to make it worse? I received notifications every time there was a new incoming message. This means I was busy clearing these notifications from my Android phone.

Even on desktop, I would get those annoying Telegram sound notifying me of new messages. What I thought will make my life easier actually made it kinda worse.

So what did I do?

Simple: I turned off these notifications. And in this article, I will show you how to do that in a couple of seconds.

Disabling Telegram Notifications on Android

On Android smarpthone, there are two ways to disable Telegram notifications. First, using the Telegram app. And second, through the Android settings.

I prefer using the Telegram app as you can disable sound, previews, or private message notifications.

Steps to follow: Open your Telegram app, and click on the top-left (3 lines) to see the menu. Here, click on Settings -> Notifications. The first section is for Private Chats. As you scroll, you will find another section: Groups and Channels.

You can click on Notifications to mute it forever, 1 hour, 8 hours, or 2 days. Or you can selectively configure your notifications. For example, if you turn on Message Preview then you will get notified without the message content.


You can also enable or disable the sound, change LED color, and toggle vibration and priority based on your requirement.

Disabling Telegram Notifications on Desktop / Web

Telegram on web has fewer options compared to the smartphone. However, you can always disable the desktop notifications and change the preview settings. You can also reduce or increase the notification sound.

Steps to follow: Open the Telegram web, and click on the top-left (3 lines) to see the menu. Here, click on Settings. This will reveal your profile with several notifications options.

You can switch – turn on / off – your desktop, background, message preview, and sound notifications instantly.


These steps are simple and takes a couple of seconds to execute.

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