How To Download & Setup Your IOTA Wallet

While the official IOTA website looks sleek, and perhaps even informative, you won’t any wallet details there. There is no menu, instructions, or even a link pointing you to the IOTA wallet as the final version isn’t out yet. And if you look it up on Google, you may find several third-party cryptocurrency wallets – that may or may not be for you.

Perhaps that is why I am writing this article. It serves as a beginner’s guide to get the latest IOTA wallet (2.5.7) from the official source. You download and install this wallet to store or transfer your IOTAs the way you want it.

Downloading The Official IOTA Wallet

Right now, IOTA wallet is available on both Mac and Windows. It is free, and you have to use Github to download it.

Two steps required to download the wallet:

  1. Go to this GitHub link:
  2. Find the IOTA wallet compatible with your computer

For example, if you are using Mac, go ahead and download the .dmg file. For Windows, download the .exe file. Notice these files are over 100 MB.


Once downloaded, it is time for the next step:

How To Install & Setup IOTA Wallet:

Installing IOTA wallet is fairly easy. Just double-click the downloaded file, and then (if you are using a Mac), drag and drop it in your Applications folder.


Next you have to set it up. You may require some assistance here. For example, the moment you open your IOTA wallet, you will have to choose your “wallet type.”

In this case, you have two ways to setup your IOTA wallet: either as a light node, or a full node.


As you can see, light node connects you to a remote node (node which you or someone else owns) and is quick and easy to set up. With the full node, however, you will be downloading the entire tangle, which takes up more space and significant time.

The choice is, of course, yours. Anything is good. For now, I am going with the light node version of the wallet:


In the light node wallet, you have to select your host from a list and then click Start. You will get this screen asking you to enter the seed:


What’s a seed? It is your private key that you can use, in the future, to access your IOTA wallet from anywhere. To generate IOTA seed, you can use any online generator. One site I recommend is this:

Update: Please do remember to change a couple of letters after you have generated your IOTA seed through Miota (or any other online generator). This is to make sure your key is extremely unique.


Copy the key, change a couple of letters, or print it on a paper if you want to. Then enter this seed key in the IOTA wallet:


Click the Login button to complete the setup process.


As you can see above, the wallet shows your current IOTA balance, with the ability to send or receive IOTAs, along with the recent transaction history.

Though in beta, this wallet for IOTA is simple and easy to use.

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