How To Download The Binance Desktop App

The world of cryptocurrency has – unfortunately – invited several scammers. There are tonnes of fake airdrops and promises. In between this, we wanted to share with you a legit way to download the Binance app on your computer.

First, we are sharing this because no one is. And second, as there are a lot of malicious files around, we want you to grab the right file from the right source.

Download The Binance App From The Website

Binance has a section called This is the only authentic source to get your Binance client. For some of you, it may be difficult to navigate through this section, which is why we are pointing to the direct download link below.

Either way, always get your files from the official website. Avoid anyone else sharing the Binance app with you – via email as an attachment, or on social media.

Only Windows Users Can Get Binance App

It is worth mentioning that Binance desktop app works only on Windows. All the Windows users (excluding XP, Vista) can grab this file. At the time of writing this article, Binance for Mac OS is unavailable.

Update 30th April, 2018: Binance for Mac is now available. Mac users (on iMac, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro) can download the app now. More details below.


Download Link (for Windows)

Grab the latest version of the free Binance app from the link below:

How to install: You click on the above link and download the .exe file on your desktop. Then you open this file and set it up. Next, log in using your Binance username and password – and enter 2FA code – to access your account.

Download Link (for Mac OS)

How to install: Download the DMG file from the above link, and open -> drag it to the Applications folder. Open the file from the Applications folder. Additional details here!

That’s it.

You can do your desposit / withdrawals, or start trading the way you like it through the app. Is it better than the web version of We feel so!

Give it a try – and let us know.

Note: We will regularly update this page if we spot any changes to the current version of Binance. Until then, enjoy this app!

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