Earn.com Is Offering Cryptocurrencies For Free

In an effort to get more users onboard, Earn.com is offering free cryptocurrencies to every verified user. Before I explain how it works, you may probably be interested in learning what Earn actually does.

Earn is, simply put, a cryptocurrency-based social networking site. You will be paid (in bitcoin) to complete microtasks. Email, right now, is that microtask. As the company says: “You get paid to answer emails”

It works if you have a good following. If you are an expert in your industry.  Or a celebrity. Or someone who values time. But let’s put that aside because Earn is doing something else that is far more interesting:

You Get Free Cryptocurrency Tokens

As a verified Earn.com user, you are airdropped free cryptocurrencies. There’s no catch here except for one:

  • You have to complete a couple of tasks

If you do so, you earn free tokens. For example, right now, CanYa tokens are airdropped when you follow these 3 tasks:

  1. Enter your Ethereum wallet address
  2. Join the CanYa Telegram group
  3. Join the mailing list

All these steps can be carried out through the Earn.com website. Or through the app.


In the future, Earn.com also plans to airdrop BloomBee Token, and Vezt.

And why are they doing this? It’s simple: Earn is marketing their platform to blockchain entrepreneurs as the efficient way to create buzz. After all, when you are hodling these free coins, you are going to shill it, isn’t it?

Sign up to Earn.com (referral link) and get verified by linking your social media account.

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