The Story Behind Electroneum’s Mobile Miner, And How It Gives You Free Cryptocurrency

Electroneum, labeled as a mobile cryptocurrency, has finally launched a miner for your smartphone. This means you can easily get free ETN for downloading the app and running it in the background.

Although there is a hidden truth to it. Perhaps a slight catch. What is it? We will reveal it in this article. For now, if you want to earn free cryptocurrencies quickly and easily, then Electroneum’s mobile miner is all you need.

It works on Android OS, and a new version for iOS (iPhone / iPad) will be released very soon.

Here’s Why It Matters

For a long time, only gamers and miners were able to collect coins through their hardware-intensive laptops and desktops.

Even Electroneum was built that way.

Anyone with AMD & Nvidia GPU can begin mining Electroenum from their computer. You, as a miner, have to download a mining software, select a pool, and then accumulate these coins in your digital wallet.

Now, with this mobile miner, all you need is a smartphone. You don’t need a special hardware. Or a graphics card. Or any workstation. There is also a built-in wallet that makes your life easier.

But What’s The Catch?

We have tested the app. And so far, there is no catch except for one.

What is it?

Well, you aren’t really mining Electroneum.

In fact, you are not mining anything at all.

The company wants you to think that your smartphone is mining for you. When, in reality, they are simply airdropping you these coins for downloading and opening the app.

You see, Richard Ells, founder of Electroneum, said in an interview that “most people are not mining because they want to be the part of a full node. They are mining to earn some cryptocurrencies.”

Based on this idea, the company has premined a certain number of coins. Then they stored these coins in their wallet. Now, once you open the mobile mining app and click on “Start Mining” – your phone does an API call.

Because of which you get a certain number of ETN tokens.

Smart move, isn’t it? Perhaps a good marketing spin.

Of course, the number of ETN tokens you receive is based on your smartphone’s hash rate. As an example, you can see my Huawei Honor smartphone has a 12 H/s. And it takes a couple of good minutes to earn these tokens.


So that is the only catch.

To repeat: You have to run the app regularly, and click on “Start Mining.” Moment you do that, your phone interacts with their server, and then you get a portion of those stored tokens.

The better – faster – your smartphone is, the more coins you earn.

Also, they also have a referral program to attract everyone else in the cryptocurrency market. I don’t know how it works, or what you get… but once installed, and registered, you login and scan the code below.


Overall, we feel the number of coins mined (earned) are less in comparison to desktops and laptops. Yet the purpose to spread the word – to win hearts – and earn new customers – has been well served.

Download the app from here: Get Electroneum Mobile Miner

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