Ethercraft Gameplay: 12 Questions Answered!

If you are into Ethercraft, and if you have purchased a couple of items already, then here’s a good news:

Ethercraft is here to stay. Which means the game will be launched very soon. And your items are going to be incredibly valuable. Plus, this RPG game involves tactics and strategies.

What does it mean? Well, if you are good at ’em? You can loot someone else’s items to increase your own worth. It’s a fun gamble that I wish to explore soon.

Fortunately, to really understand how Ethercraft operates and the kind of characters you can create, the dungeons you can enter, we have a FAQ. This 12 FAQ comes right from the Ethercraft developers. It is worth a glance to know what’s happening.

Here they are:

#1. How is the gameplay going to work?

It will be something similar to Pixel Dungeon. Although the controls are not the same. You will basically determine your character’s tactics, equipment and the character will automatically walk and fight according to those tactics. Based on various perimeters you have set and items you equipped, your character may emerge victorious from the dungeon. This is partly for simplicity sake and partly because a game that leverages the blockchain has a lot of design limitations that we have to work around. The design we’re going with allows for 1) casual players to get into it more easily, and 2) on-chain gameplay with minimal lag.

#2. What is the World Map going to be like?

Basically, there will be different regions you can enter—different dungeons, the town area, etc.—and at least one of those will be completely underwater. You will probably drown without the frog hat or some other means of survival. Also, the frog hat is tentatively part of a set with the Steel Weeaboo and one other item which is yet to be released.

#3. What happens if my characters dies in a dungeon run?

No, if your character dies on a dungeon run, you won’t get any loot. That’s the risk.

#4. What happens to my body if I die in the dungeon?

Your body and equipment stays in the dungeon. Although in the future it may be possible for other players to find your body while on a run of their own and pick up your loot

#5. If I stack only +gold items, will I be weaker?

Not arbitrarily. If you use the Merchant’s Armor and it has less defense than an alternative, then yes, you’ll be slightly weaker. But the gold bonus doesn’t make you more likely to die in general. That’s also why the rings and amulet are a little more expensive—you can equip a higher defense armor and just use the rings instead of potentially sacrificing defense. The same holds true for the Token which is a charm and does not use up any item slots (it goes into your characters backpack, essentially)

#6. Why are the +gold items so expensive?

+Gold items are going to be some of the best items in the game, period. They’ll be extremely rare as well due to the shops expiring in about a month. Read the announcements channel for more info on that.

#7. How are you catering to the audience without massive amounts of eth?

Every item shop cycle, a minimum of 16 new inexpensive items will pop up. They will be inexpensive, possibly around 0.01 each to start. The #1 complaint is that people simply can’t afford to buy enchanted items and that the prices go up too quickly, so these are going to be some rare crafting materials that are enchanted and relatively cheap.

#8. I heard that there was a 5 eth limit per dungeon run? How is it calculated?

That’s 5 ETH (maximum) per dungeon RUN per player. So you tell your character to go loot the Chaos Dungeon or whatever and he may emerge victorious with a nice pile of gold valued at up to 5 ETH. That’s every single time. Of course, you’re unlikely to actually come away with that much gold unless it’s a particularly challenging area, you get lucky, and you survive of course

#9. As a whale, I bought the most expensive stuff! Will I die in low-level dungeons?

It will be risky, but at the same time, all of the current items are very good. You won’t die in low-level areas with any of the high-end gear on. That said, if you decide to run a very powerful area with the gear, you are assuming a risk. That’s the name of the game. For many people, the potential reward will outweigh the risk. It’s up to you to use the items in the most strategic manner so that you don’t get pwned.

There will be a game balance wherein it is not profitable to simply loot low-level areas forever with no risk to yourself or your equipment. This is simply because the entire game economy is based on income from item sales and gold purchases (all handled by the smart contract, which means it must be mathematically impossible for the contract to go broke). However, the early adopter items all exist outside of this core economy, which essentially means that anyone with these early release items has a big leg up. That said, that doesn’t mean Merchant’s gear will somehow entitle you to become a money printing machine—you will still have to take a risk and there will still be checks and balances to prevent people with these sets from simply draining the economy and winning everything.

Like I said, we want the average person to be able to play with very cheap gear.

#10. How do you ensure that you have enough ETH and gold to pay people out?

The entire economy will come from a closed loop system. Players must purchase items (in gold pieces in the future) to play, and the proceeds of those purchases are stored as a reserve in a smart contract. That becomes the pool from which loot is won. There will be a smart contract that will buy and sell the gold pieces.

#11. How do you prevent the high level players from just spamming the low-level dungeons in an effort to gain gold?

Simple: item cost, transaction fees, and low loot yields for easy dungeons. Even if they are successful 100% of the time, they will simply be feeding into the game economy unless they are using very low-tier gear, in which case they won’t have a 100% success rate.

#12. As a early adoptor, will there be items with the same benefits as like another item that grants a second life like pep’s token?

Probably not. If I do make it, it will be in very limited quantities. I personally prefer to reward early adopters and make the items that we’re releasing now exclusive, with exclusive benefits. Additionally, if we were to release anything in the future with similar benefits, it would have to have some downside, such as working only 50% of the time. We definitely want to make sure we reward everyone who is supporting us right now—we really appreciate you guys.

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