What is Ethercraft And Is It Profitable?

Moment I discovered Ethercraft, I quickly googled to realize there isn’t a lot of info out there. It’s a new game. In fact, Ethercraft is a decentralized RPG running on the Ethereum blockchain.

If you are familiar with Cryptokitties, Etheremon, Ethertanks, then consider Ethercraft as yet another project showcasing the power of blockchain technology.

You Can Buy Items Through Ethercraft

As of now, this game isn’t launched yet. What is available right now are the game items that you can purchase with your Ethereum. Once you have purchased whatever you like by going to the Ethercraft.io website, your items will show up in the tab called Inventory.


Now here’s the best part: If someone else is purchasing the same item as you did, you get paid (in Ethereum). For example, if someone is buying “Legendary Loot Crate” after I did, I get 0.001 ETH per purchase.

If ten people purchase this item, I get .010 ETH.

This is one of the advantages of Ethercraft. Fortunately, I was early in my purchase and got two crates: one was the “Rare Loot Crate” and “Uncommon Loot Crate.” After me, several hundreds of people bought the same item.


As you can see from above, I also purchased a blue candy and a gift bag (which was free). These two doesn’t operate like those crates – which means I don’t get any Ethereum if someone purchases these items.

So why did I buy them? For the future. Because Ethercraft is more than just a ponzi scheme – it is a decentralized RPG game. We hoard as many items as possible right now. And then we use these items in the gameplay.

Or, in the future, sell these items at a higher price.

This Is Where Ethercraft Is Special

If you have been around cryptocurrencies before, and you have seen games like this before, then you know the risk involved.

Ethercraft, I believe, is different as it promises to launch the game. Going through their Medium blog, it looks like the team has been working on it since September last year.

Plus, with Ethercraft, we will shortly have an ERC-20 token that can potentially be mined in this game. The token name is Gold Pieces (XPG). No other game has promised this before which I find it interesting.

From the Medium blog:


In the game, this is also a permadeath game. Here you can attack and gather items of your opponent.

All In All: Ethercraft Made Me Money!

Unlike Ethertanks!

You see, in games like this, the early buyers make more money. I invested around $150 dollars and got back $450 dollars in 24 hours. Plus, the items I have purchased… are now technically free.

If the game launches soon, and I sell these items, I make more money. It has been the best return on investment I have had so far.

But the question is: Should you invest now? Is it too late? Can you get back your initial investment?

My personal opinion is to pay attention to the numbers. Look at the all the items available on Ethercraft.io. Refresh every hour and see if anything is growing quickly – and also look at the hype around it on Reddit and 4chan.

This should give you a fairly good idea if you should go ahead and invest your Ethereum in this game.

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