EtherDelta Twitter Account Suspended, And No One Knows Why

To know EtherDelta, a decentralizing trading platform, was hacked last month was perhaps the second worst thing ever. And the first? Is to know this platform has issues plastered all over it.

In fact, as we were browsing Twitter, we discovered the official EtherDelta handle on Twitter is suspended. The account no longer exists. And why is that? A quick hashtag search shows this:


In short: no one really knows what’s going on with @EtherDelta. All their earlier tweets will remain unavailable until the account is unsuspended.

Last time we checked, EtherDelta had over 51000 followers with 200 odd tweets. For many of us, the official account served as a source to grab the latest Ethereum-based tokens through its platform.

Now we wait while hoping there is an explanation as to what happened to their Twitter account. Did Twitter suspend it? Or, ugh, was it a hacker? We will know with time!

Update 29th Jan, 2018: EtherDelta account is back up again, with a single tweet and two followers. It’s gonna take a while to get back to those 50k+ followers again.

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