Now Easily Find Deflationary Tokens With Etherscan

What’s the next wave in the world of crypto? Answer: Deflationary tokens. These are tokens where the total supply decreases over time. They are here to stay and evolve.

In fact, in the last couple of months, we have seen an increase in such deflationary tokens. Every time a token is transferred? The supply decreases. And with every transfer? A small percentage of the token gets burned.

Taking these advantages into consideration, deflationary tokens are enjoying the attention of crypto traders and even websites. In fact, now it is easier to find such tokens through Etherscan.

How To Find New Deflationary Tokens

There are two kinds of deflationary tokens. One where the company decides to buyback or burn the tokens: like FCoin’s FToken and BitMax’s BTMX.

And then there’s another type where tokens follow the “rules” of deflationary tokens. These tokens can be found using Etherscan.

Etherscan has a new category labelled Deflationary Tokens listing the token symbol, marketcap, and number of token holders. The link is here:


As you can see, there are 14 deflationary tokens listed. BOMB token, for example, is listed with a marketcap of $2.3 million.

BOMB is the first deflationary token with the “self-destructing” mechanism where no new tokens are mined and 1% of the total transaction amount is destroyed on every transfer.

With this, you can find new deflationary tokens easily. And with further research, you can also decide if these tokens are worth your time.

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