Ethlots Lets You Buy Properties Through Ethereum

Here’s the problem with hardcore cryptocurrency traders: they have lots of crypto money. Yet when you check their bank account? Ain’t much left. After all, what’s the use of fiat, right?

Yet if you wish for a change? Wish to diversify your portfolio? To add something substantial in your life? Then check this out:

Now you can buy real estate properites without cashing out your cryptocurrency. This is what Ethlots does. It takes Ethereum from you – and then offers you a land in the US.

You can spend anywhere between 2 to 22 Ethereum to acquire a property on your name.

How It Works

There’s no complication involved with Ethlots. Way it works is simple: first, you browse through the website and look at the property of your interest. There are less than 20 of them in and around Arizona.

You then fill a form. Then use Metamask to execute your payment. It will deduct Ethereum from your wallet.

Of course, there are many more steps involved:

Ethlots will call you. They will transfer the property for you. And even hold the payment in Escrow until the deal is finalized.


Pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

Now what makes Ethlots different from traditional real estate brokers? We don’t know. There’s no discount (of course). They ain’t selling mansion. Or an island.

It’s just land for sale. With crypto as a payment mode!

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