eToro’s Market Analyst Reveals Top 3 Crypto Picks: BTC, LTC, And BNB

As a popular market analyst and a portfolio manager, eToro’s Mati Greenspan recently revealed his favorite cryptocurrencies. They are Bitcoin (BTC), Litcoin (LTC), and Binance Coin (BNB).

The response came in the form a tweet when user Paul asked Mati:

Let’s say you are investing $100 a month in Crypto can you give me your top 3, long term 1-5 years, and what percentage in each?


In the past, Mati also revealed Dash as one of his favorite token (link). He considers Dash as a token with privacy feature (not purely a privacy token).

In the world of crypto, we have two sides: One with analyst choosing mainstream tokens, and the other set aiming at unknown-yet-recently launched tokens. Clearly, for long-term potential, Mati is looking into these mainstream tokens.

On the other hand, Mati also held a poll last year to ask his followers of their favorite cryptocurrency. Turns out, Ripple (XRP) took the first spot with 46% votes followed by Bitcoin receiving 31% votes (link).

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