Exante Pushes DEFIX (Decentralized Finance For Blockchain) To Nasdaq’s Global Data Service

As one of the popular brokerage firm working closely with Nasdaq, Exante has collected and pushed several blockchain projects to the Nasdaq index. This index, called DEFIX, concentrates on blockchain projects working in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

The following projects have been added to the DEFIX index:

  • Augur ($REP)
  • Gnosis ($GNO)
  • Amoveo ($VEO)
  • Numerai ($NMR)
  • Maker ($MKR)
  • 0x ($ZRX)

In fact, DEFIX is the first altcoin index revealing the most promising blockchain projects working in the space of decentralized finance. Real-time price, feed, and daily flunctuations are available under this index.

How To Access DEFIX Index:

  • You can use Nasdaq Global Index Data ServiceSM (link – requires approval)
  • You can use TradingView (link)
  • You can use Google Finance (link)
  • You can check out the website: DEFIX.Fund

Ticker: DIFX

Listing on Nasdaq indexes offers several benefits. From a streamlined access (easier to settle trades in the future) to diverse exposure, you can also glance through these indexes to understand the market and analyze your returns on investment.


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