There’s A Fake ICON Currency Airdrop On Twitter

As one of the largest blockchain network in the world, ICON ($ICX) has been receiving a lot of attention due of its recent annual summit.

This attention has also attracted a wide variety of scams. In fact, on Twitter, you will find dozens of fake airdrops promising you free ICON tokens.

Avoid these scams.

Tweet below shows you how these scammers operate. First, they copy the display pic and get a Twitter handle similar to that of the official @helloiconworld. Then a tweet from this fake ICON handle appears:


We are donating 200000 ICX to the ICX community! The first 10 transactions with 100 ICX sent to the address below will each receive 2000 ICX to the address the 100 came from!

Of course, if you have spent some time in the crypto space, it is easy to spot such obvious scams. Yet there are so many newcomers falling for it.

On a side note, to make sure such fake airdrops and free token promises are minimized, the official ICON account has pinned this tweet on Twitter:


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