Scam Alert: Fake Reliance Jio Coin Website, ICO and Whitepaper Appears Online

We have already seen dozens of fake Jio Coin apps and now we have something else to take care of:

It’s the fake website launching a Jio Coin ICO.

Apparently, there are a handful of websites advertising the Jio Coin ICO launch. One of them is It goes without saying this is not the official website.

Jio Coin Is Not Here Yet!

In fact, in its recent press release, Jio has already informed users to stay away from such scams. What is interesting is the effort that goes into them manufacturing these scams.

For example, the website above is ranking for several terms related to “Jiocoin” and “ICO” (Initial Coin Offering). Design-wise, it looks pretty decent with several pages and significant content.

They have also created a 27-page whitepaper. Going through the first few pages, you will find lots of grammatical and spelling errors along with logical flaws. It is easy to label this as a scam if you have been around crypto for sometime now.

Notice the last word?

But it doesn’t end here. Shady websites like these are offering roadmap with a promise to get the fake Jio Coin token listed on top exchanges like Bittrex:


And, then, of course they are doing all this for one simple reason: to grab your money. Screenshot below shows the price of Jio Coin. It is a weird way to categorize it:


All in all, avoid any websites offering Jio Coins.

Do not download those apps – as they intend to steal your information. And do not visit these websites – as they intend to steal your money.

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