There are issues that we often ignore. And this is one of them that no one talks about:

MetaMask loads endlessly. 

Which means every time you open your browser, click on the MetaMask fox icon, you see a message: “Connecting to Main Ethereum Network.”

Sometimes Metamask never connects. All you get is a loading circle. So you can’t access your Ethereum wallet. And you can’t add or send your tokens.


What’s the fix?

I have discovered three solutions:

Solution #1: Restart your browser. In the past, every time MetaMask was slow, and didn’t respond, I closed my Chrome browser and restarted it.

Solution #2: Uninstall and reinstall the MetaMask extension. Do not do this if you haven’t exported your private key, or if you don’t remember your passphrase.

I am sharing these generic solutions because they work. But truth be told: they are time-consuming. If you restart your browser, you lose your opened tabs — and you can’t always bookmark them.

The second solution works if you know what you are doing.

There is another solution, and one that is simple and incredibly easy. Here, you switch from the main Ethereum network to a test network. Then switch back to the main network. Steps as follows:

Solution #3: Switch the network. Click the fox icon from the Metamask window to see the list of networks available. Switch from the Main Ethereum Network to either Ropsten, Kovan, or Rinkeby Test Network.


Now switch back to the Main Ethereum Network and you will be able to see the login screen:


It is a simple workaround. One that is easy and takes a couple of seconds to execute. You will no longer see the loading circle. If you do? Switch the network again.

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