When you can’t get something to work? You show frustration.

I showed it this morning.

You see, I was trying to get in touch with the Binance support team to raise a ticket. As they use Zendesk — a customer service software company — I received this error:


In short: I can’t access the Support.Binance.com address (which redirects to Zendesk). It was blocked for some reason.

So the solution?

As you can see from the error image, disabling extensions should do the trick. At least that is what it said. So what did I do? I disabled all the Chrome extensions.

But the page showed the same error.

Then I disabled one extension at a time.

The problem?

Still existed.

At this point, after almost an hour, I decided to Google and look for a solution. I went from Binance to the Zendesk website, only to realize all the solutions are designed for the admins — not for the users.

Then I did something so simple and it worked.

Almost seems stupid to share this but it is a solution nonetheless.

What is it?

Just use a different browser.

In my case, I was using Google Chrome. Moment I switched to Safari, I could access the Binance Support page and open a support ticket.


You can also use incognito window to access the support page.

It works for every kind of website using the Zendesk support system. Quite a simple solution when you think about it.

And I hope it saves you hours of frustration.

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