How To Get Free BATs From Brave Browser

With an unparalled vision to “fix” the web, Brave has announced a free Basic Attention Token (BAT) giveaway. Around a million dollar worth of BATs are distributed.

A million? Yep! You get a portion of it for free — around 10 to 20 BAT. You can then give away these tokens to your favorite YouTuber or Blogger. This freebie comes at the right time — as YouTube has tightened its rules for the creators.

Note: You can’t self-utilize BATs. Meaning you can’t withdraw, transfer, or put it in your wallet. You can, however, share it with anyone who owns a blog / YouTube channel. It’s a way of spreading love I believe.

And if it sounds interesting, then here’s how to claim your free BATs right now. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Brave browser

It’s free, and comes with lots of interesting features. Go to to get the browser on your Mac / Windows.


Step 2: Install and set it up

Once downloaded, install Brave on your desktop. Open the DMG (for Mac) or EXE (for Windows) file and follow the process.


Step 3: Navigate to Preferences

From Brave, go to Preferences (or simply type about:preferences in the address bar).


Step 4: Activate Brave Payments 

By default, the Brave Payments is turned off. Slide to turn it on (shown below). This then activates a new button: Claim my free tokens


Step 5: Claim Free BATS!

Click on the Claim my free tokens button and you will get a Congrats message as shown:


Then BAT will be added to your Brave browser. Below, as you can see, I have received 10 BATs. That’s worth a total of $4.28 USD.


What Next?

Well, now you can allot a monthly budget of your BAT spendings (as shown above, my budget is 7.5 BAT). In other words, 7.5 BATs will be distributed to the publishers based on the time I have spent on their website / channel.

For example, if I spend all my time on YouTube watching Casey’s videos – then my BATs are rewarded to him. I can also manually select / deselect the publisher I want to share my BAT with through the same Preferences menu.

It’s easy, quick, and perhaps the beginning of a new form of monetization.

Hope you have grabbed your BATs!

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