Offers Webmasters A New Way To Monetize Website Traffic [Interview]

Gath3r is a fascinating blockchain project for many reasons. First, it helps webmasters (and media platform like ours) monetize the traffic to earn additional revenue – through its unique web-mining solution.

And second, it offers payments in either cryptocurrency or fiat.

As the project is evolving rapidly, we decided to connect with the founder of Gath3r — Raghav Reggie Jerath — to learn more about the company. In this interview, Raghav walks us through the company’s journey — the evolution of Gath3r to what makes it exciting and what the future holds, along with plenty of ongoing partnership.

Here is the entire interview:

1. Can you explain Gath3r in a simple language?

Gath3r provides webmasters an additional, or alternative, method of monetization using blockchain. Once installed, Gath3r utilizes part of the un-used computational power of the website’s users to mine cryptocurrency, which requires explicit user consent to participate.

Proceeds of web-mining are paid out to the webmaster in Bitcoin, Gath3r Tokens or via bank transfers, where available. Currently web-mining has been used by the likes of, The Pirate Bay and even UNICEF.

With the introduction of cryptocurrencies and their recent rapid growth, a new form of digital monetization has come to light, with Gath3r at the forefront.

2. What is so exciting about Gath3r that everyone should know?

For many publishers, dated solutions like AdSense are unattainable altogether, or, they are simply not profitable enough, not to mention the high fees and discriminatory payout systems. Web mining solutions have opened the door to new and viable alternatives. Coinhive was actually the first mover in the space, although they have experienced a number of issues, mainly regarding their levels of transparency, ethics and high commissions.

Gath3r implies mandatory, explicit user consent for every publisher using it, informing the users of the process and offering them the possibility to decline with no consequences on their ability to access that site/app. That, along with our internal security features, ensure that no user’s system will be overburdened by the mining process and the browsing experience remains intact.

In addition, Gath3r offers the lowest commission out there, between 5-15% of earnings, depending on traffic and bank transfers payouts where available, along with BTC and GTH payouts for everyone.

3. Where is the Gath3r (GTH) token used for? What are its advantages?

As stated in our roadmap, we will migrate onto our own Proof Of Stake blockchain, where the GTH coin will be used for staking and network rewards.

The Loyalty Program, where webmasters can elect to give back to the community with a percentage of their own earning in GTH tokens, or the Paywall program, which allows them to add value to our own ecosystem and tokens, along with its use as payment medium within our network, for example for customized opt-ins.

Additionally, the Buy Back & Burn Program will be run quarterly, which implies that Gath3r will buy back up to 5% of revenue in tokens, on the market and burn them. Additionally, GTH tokens can also be used for payouts to webmasters.

4. What is the ONE biggest challenge Gath3r is facing and solving right now?

Currently our biggest challenge will be about the reputation of web mining as a whole. Due to bad actors in the space and the process of silent mining, the community has subconsciously aligned web mining with malware. Therefore, educating the community about the benefits of web-mining will be one of our biggest challenges.

5. What led to the foundation of Gath3r?

I’ve worked in media for a few years so I’ve been able to see the first hand issues that come into play when looking at digital monetisation. The lightbulb moment came while spending time with Sumit from Bakarmax.

I had been dabbling in crypto, specifically mining and trading, when I heard about Coinhive. I knew that in their current state they would never achieve mainstream approval.

After working out the kinks, I came up with the base idea of Gath3r, aimed at solving the specific monetization issues for webmasters and application owners.


6. What was the most difficult part of the process?

The biggest barrier to entry would be adoption due to the current reputation of web-mining, with a secondary barrier being introduced when it came to finding and building an effective tech team.

7. Great. Can you talk more about the Gath3r team?

I’ve built on an idea first introduced by Coinhive, but in noticing that without user consent the idea would fail, decided to implement a few tweaks and correct the problems I saw to come up with the idea of Gath3r.

The idea was then developed in December, and as a result, the remaining founders had quit their jobs in order to pursue their futures in the development of Gath3r.

Our team’s collective background comes from areas such as crypto tech, digital media buying, marketing, finance, operations and communications, covering a broad spectrum of professional experience.

8. How do you perceive blockchain technology? Where do you think is it heading in the next five years?

Blockchain has many real world uses, simply due to its permissionless nature, it essentially removes the middle-man and ensures accountability. Many industries ranging from supply chain to finance and even pharmaceutical industries are seeing potential use cases. So I do believe that we will see large scale adoption in the next five years or so.

9. Any word on partnership?

We have got about 5 official partners right now, including The Soho Loft, Credits blockchain platform, Beemster and Bakarmax, as well as our newest partner, Apereum, who will help us with start-up consultancy in all areas of the business.

All of our partners are of great value to us and we hope to add many more in the coming months.

10. In the next six months, how are you going to attract people to Gath3r?

To reach our initial target audience – small to medium publications – we are using primarily 2 types of mediums: social media/forums and speciality online publications (finance & crypto).

Media buying campaigns on platforms like Google Search, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have proven effective, as they have produced around 40-50% of our EAP subscriptions.

We have primarily started with awareness focused campaigns, in order to build up page statistics and gain an initial following, but we continue to refine our campaigns, switching to a much more ‘performance marketing’ based approach in the coming stages.

The second phase will involve the addition to the team of a senior sales manager, having the duty of engaging and negotiating with large publishers.

11. What is the next big update from your roadmap / team?

Our goal for the next year is to ship crucial features such as the GPU miner, POS chain and smaller features and well. In terms of expansion we are gearing up to hit the Indian, Chinese and African markets. While these are our initial target markets, we would be proactively reaching out to big publishers in evolved markets.

Our goal is to have 100,000 publishers on board within the first 6 – 12 months.

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