HitBTC Problems: Account Locked, Withdrawal Delays, Unable To Login, And Other Issues

Though a popular cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC comes with its fare share of problems that we wish to highlight here. Why? Because these problems have a pattern.

Initially, it looked like some one-off issue. Turns out, a lot of HitBTC users are complaining on the Internet. The problems are the same. Just the stories are different.

So we took all these problems, sorted them, and organized it in this article.

Here are the top 5 problems plaguing the HitBTC account holders:

1. Account Locked & Disabled 

Issue: Your HitBTC account will be locked if you haven’t logged in for a certain period, or if there is any malicious activity, or a failed login attempt.


Got locked out of my account. It says either email or password is wrong. I had 2FA enabled and also didn’t receive any login or password reset notification email. So don’t have any information if it was hacked or locked for some other reason. Have written a load of emails to the support team but all i have received is that “We have verified the issue and forwarded it to our engineers. They are already looking into it.“ I don’t know what else to do beside writing them emails every day. I have 3+ bitcoins stuck in that account…


“Please guys enable my account I am a father of two kids and my baby boy are going through treatment in hospital and the amount you locked in hitbtc i wanted to transfer out and withdraw to support my kids medical treatment”


2. Delayed Withdrawals

Issue: Your coins in your HitBTC wallet cannot be transferred unless you verify your account. Sure, you can request a transfer – a withdrawal – but it takes weeks together. Your funds are locked until you submit your identification. Approval of your IDs, in fact, takes weeks.


HitBTC has become a mess. Apart from the stupidly high fee to withdraw, withdrawal itself could take forever (I’m talking weeks and months). They will happily take your money but when you want to withdraw it, they ask you to prove that you are yourself. They ask for your ID, then photos, then to prove the source of your funds, then your social media accounts and for some, even skype interviews. It is as if they are recruiting for CIA.


I made a deposit, no issues with that. Then I made two trades and wanted to withdraw my coins from the exchange. Suddenly only error messages came up, I tried it for hours to withdraw. But it just showed “An error occurred, please try again later” or “Currency operations not available”. I wasn’t even able to transfer my coins between Trade and Main Account anymore. Without having your coins on the Main Account you can’t even initiate a withdrawal anymore. This made me suspicious and I learnt that this happens to a bunch of HitBTC users lately


3. Regular Login Issues

Issue: Imagine the horror of sending funds to your HitBTC account. And then you are not able to login anymore. At HitBTC, it is a common issue. (As you will see, it is also related to 2FA authentication).


The site has always been a joke- – exorbitant fees, no customer service, always having “technical difficulties” when it’s least convenient. Now I cannot even log into the site. Go through all of the login ritual, hit the big red login button…and nothing. Just an empty click with no response.


3 weeks I can’t login. My money ( currencies) are stuck there. Have ticket – mailed 15 times already – tried changing password.

Nothing helps… and no answer whatsoever from the support. I am getting really desperate here.


4. Coins Missing

Issue: Unable to login is one thing. But able to login and not seeing your funds is another. And it is an issue that started appearing this year with HitBTC. Your coin balances are 0.




5. Bad Customer Support

Issue: This is perhaps the biggest issue of all. All the problems you see above are spread publicly because the customer service team hasn’t been responsive. The delays in replying, in acknowleding, and in solving the problem is what creates frustration.

And hundreds and thousands of users have been frustrated to the point that they are awarding HitBTC the “bad customer support” award of the year.


My account with 14.2 BTC on it suddenly activated 2FA. I got locked out, am trying to reach the support team for 4 weeks now. No sollution, only robotized emails.

All known exchanges will resolve such a mather within 24 hours. This people don’t even reply.


It seems I have been locked out of my account over a month now by HitBTC since I deposited some thousands of LIFE coin in their wallet.

I enter my correct email and password which takes me to authentication but 2FA always says “incorrect or expired code”. I have sent hundreds  of tickets to their support team but not even a single reply.


But that’s not all. In the past, HitBTC has also activated 2FA without the user’s permission to make sure the account is safe. The problem? The account holder doesn’t have the 2FA code.

A lot of users then requested for a 2FA reset and removal. It takes about 3 weeks to 5 weeks for the HitBTC support team to respond and resolve the 2FA authentication issue.

Plus, the 2FA backup key — given to you when you lose your 2FA code — doesn’t work. It is frustrating because a month of waiting is equal to one year in the crypto industry.

More stories around 2FA from this thread:

I’ve tried to enter my backup key that Hitbtc provided too me, but it doesn’t work.

The backup code doesn’t work. I had the same problem, opened a ticket and provided all the information hitBtc requested.


HitBTC reviews are quite surprising. The issues it comes with? Are even more surprising. In fact, all these problems are not common. Dozens of people complaining every day? Is not common.

We hope the company focusses on its customers, offers better customer support, and answers queries, and resolves ticket on time.

And if you have faced any problems and issues with HitBTC that we haven’t listed yet, let us know. We will also reach out to them and see if the issue can be resolved quickly.

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