ICORating Update: Centralized Cryto Exchanges Like Huobi, Kraken, BTCTurk Secures A+ Rating

How do you rate the unknown? Based on the data you have collected. Since 2016, ICORating has been doing just that. As an independent rating agency, it has been collecting and monitoring data which has been recently updated.

According to this new data, ICORating ranks Huobi, Kraken, and BTCTurk as the top 3 centralized exchanges.

They are all rated A+ — meaning these exchanges are safe, reliable, and away from potential vulneralibities. If you would like to sign up with a “secure” exchange to protect your tokens, you may want to consider these note-worthy exchanges.


In fact, this data is not pulled out of thin air. It comes through the execution of “General Security Rating” — a mechanism which takes into account several security parameters like current hacks (if any), user account security, web protocols, and so on.

Through the rating mechanism, every parameter of the centralized exchanges has been analyzed, rated, and then the cumulative results graded from A+ to C-.

The entire list can be accessed here: https://icorating.com/exchanges/centralized/

Top 10 centralized exchanges from the list:

  1. Huobi (A+)
  2. Kraken (A+)
  3. BTCTurk (A+)
  4. Cobinhood (A)
  5. Vebitcoin (A)
  6. Poloniex (A-)
  7. BitMEX (A-)
  8. Bitfinex (A-)
  9. BitMart (A-)
  10. Bitlish (A-)

More stats:

  • 2% of the exchanges received A+ ratings
  • 13.6% of the exchanges received A and A- ratings
  • 56% of exchanges received B+, B or B- ratings
  • 28% of exchanges received C+, C or C- rating.


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