Decentralized Exchange IDEX Adds Margin Trading For Bitcoin & Ethereum

Widely known for new and old ERC20 tokens, decentralized exchange IDEX today has launched its margin trading feature with upto 4x leverage. All the non-US users can begin their leveraged trading journey on these two tokens: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In fact, as per the newsletter, registered users can choose “L/SBTC and L/SETH for long and short exposure of Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

Additionally, with IDEX’s margin trading, you will find several advantages:

  • There is no borrow or supply fees or any interest rate
  • There is no liquidation penalty or margin maintenance
  • Your position expires every 28 days

The BTC and ETH margin assets can be found at the following links:

Like any other margin trading feature, IDEX Market supports synthetic position — meaning you can take a buy or sell position without holding the asset.

When compared to traditional trading, margin trading is a lucrative oppurtunity for larger profits. However, with upto 4x leverage, it also means greater risk.

Note: In order to get started, you have to connect your wallet to IDEX market. And then you can access the links above. Also, as mentioned earlier, the margin platform is accessible worldwide except US.

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