Now You Can Buy / Sell Ignis On Bittrex

Bittrex has an update: Now you can easily trade, transfer and store your Ignis tokens on the Bittrex exchange.

It’s a good news as Bittrex delayed the Ignis airdrop for weeks. It left a lot of users frustrated. Now, after a month, these tokens are live and should appear in your Bittrex account.

@Richiela, one of the founders of the Bittrex exchange, admitted to the delay in his recent tweet:


Currently trading at 50 cents, Ignis is the first child chain on the Ardor blockchain. It peaked up to 70 cents today with a decent trading volume.

Jelurida first announced the distribution of free Ignis tokens – for all the Nxt and Ardor holders – in the month of October 2017. Then the snapshop occured on December 28th at the block height 1636363.

And now, we finally have the Ignis token. How well will it fare? Only time will tell.

Link to trade Ignis:

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