India’s Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur Kunal Shah Tweets About Crypto’s Wealth Transfer Capabilities

Pushing the economy forward, entrepreneurs have always played a key role. And this entrepreneurial interest is visible in the crypo space. Today, one more well-known entrepreneur from India tweets about crypto.

His name is Kunal Shah, and he is the multi-millionaire founder of credit card payment startup CRED. Here’s what he shared on Twitter:

Key: “Crypto is making it easy.”

In other words, Kunal sees wealth transfer between nations is easier with crypto. And this transfer is happening from nations where people don’t trust their governments to nations where governments are trusted.

Why Does This Matter?

Kunal Shah’s company CRED deals with payments. Investors like Sequoia, Ribbit and Apoletto Asia invested over 65 million dollars.

To see the multi-millionaire speak about crypto is worth a note.

Whether he is working on any crypto-related venture is not known yet. Prior to founding CRED, Kunal also founded Freecharge, which dealt with payments – and gave him his multi-millionaire status.

Kunal Shah has dealt with some of the biggest venture capitalists in the world. Though, in India, there’s a lot of uncertainty on the future of cryptocurrencies due to regulatory gray area.

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