Japan’s Largest Crypto Association Issues Warning Against Scams & Phishing Websites

With popularity comes attention. And Japan’s largest virtual currency association is now fighting this attention by issuing a warning — to stay away from fake websites.

Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA) published a notice stating users worldwide should avoid any websites claiming to be JVCEA. These websites, like any other phishing sites, look similar and claim to be the official website.

They are also designed to steal your personal data. Here’s the notice in its entirety:

“The existence of a website disguised as an association was confirmed. There is no relationship between our website and similar websites, and we cannot properly provide information or explanations about the authenticity of the contents or the safety of functions on this website. Please be very careful even if you use it.”

With over 18 blockchain companies joining JVCEA, this self-regulatory organization is setting up these warnings to protect the users. The exact name of the phishing website wasn’t revealed as it would bring further attention.

What JVCEA has shared is the official URL, which is https://jvcea.or.jp/

Formed in April this year, JVCEA has quickly grown into the largest Japanese association around virtual exchanges. After witnessing Coincheck’s $534 million hack, JVCEA’s mission has been to ensure and create safety standards for investors. And this notice is yet another move aligned with their mission.

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