Keplerk Returns: Now Buy & Redeem Bitcoin Tickets Through 5200+ Tobacco Shops In France

Next to cafes in France, you will discover several tobacco shops with people smoking, scratching lottery tickets, and now buying bitcoin tickets. Yes, even bitcoin tickets as the fintech company Keplerk has announced the relaunch of its service — which allows people to buy bitcoins across thousands of tobacco shops.

Starting October 10th, one can shop for bitcoin through 5200+ distributors spread across the nation.


First reported by BFM TV, citizens of France can walk into any store to buy unlimited number of bitcoin tickets (also called as vouchers or coupons) valued worth 50, 100 or 250 Euros.

At the beginning of this year, the Paris-based company rolled out bitcoin vouchers in 6 centers. Then it added 100 centers. Then 6500 more. And then folded — totally suspended — its services due to longer transaction time.

Back then, the CEO of Keplerk Adil Zakhar said:

“Some people took up to eight hours to receive their bitcoins on their digital wallets.”

After five months, Keplerk is breathing life again with a better system in place. Partnering with Bimedia, which is a POS-terminal supplier, Keplerk was able to penetrate retailers quite easily. And the longer transaction time is also resolved as per the company’s statement.

How To Redeem Your Bitcoin Tickets

Bitcoin tickets are like lottery tickets — minus the luck. If you can walk into a tobacco store, and pay 50 euros at the counter, you can receive a bitcoin ticket. Every ticket has a QR code, and this has to be scanned.

One must use Keplerk’s mobile app (for Android or iOS) to scan the ticket. After a successful scan, your €50-worth bitcoins will be transferred to your Keplerk wallet. In the past, LeMonde mentioned such cash-to-crypto activity doesn’t require the approval of the Banque de France.

The Location And Fees

Keplerk is monetizing this activity through fees. Right now, the fees are as follows:

  • €50: 7%
  • €100: 6.5%
  • €250: 5.5%

Only cash and bank cards (credit and debit cards) are accepted at these tobacco shops.

As far as the location goes, you can find the partners, distributors, and various shops through this link:

While buying cryptocurrencies is easier and faster through exchanges, Keplerk’s offline expansion is a strategic move bringing adoption and oppurtunity for the newcomers.

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